T500 Complete Distillery Kit


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Ever been curious about doing it yourself? Being in complete control of the process and what in the end you are consuming?
We will provide help and answers (where we can) to queries you have, as you venture into the world of in home food and craft beverage – Home Brewing.
Kit contains a full set of comprehensive instructions, a Boiler, Condenser, Filter, all the hardware and tools you need to get started (which you won’t have to buy again) and your first lot of brew ingredients, consumables and cleaning products.
How many trips to the liquor store before is it starts paying for itself.

Comes with:
Turbo 500 Still and condenser
30L Bucket with airlock, tap and stick on thermometer
5L Jug
EZ Filter system
Spirit & Liqueur Essence Flavouring
Spoon Mixer
No rinse Steriliser
Cold water cleaner detergent
Turbo sugar
1 x Classic yeast
1 x Turbo Clear

The T500 allows you to collect an astonishing 95% of the possible alcohol from the wash and produces a purity of up to 93% ABV