Mad Millie Icelandic Skyr


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Create a low fat Skyr that is bursting with all the goodness of live cultures and no additives or artificial flavours.

Skyr in Iceland is old news as it originated there nearly 1,000 years ago and has been a daily staple since.
As with traditional yoghurt, it was discovered by accident when the milk was left outside and naturally fermented with cultures from the environment.

Technially, Skyr is a soft cheese, however it’s eaten more like a yoghurt and can be enjoyed both sweet and savoury, at breakfast, lunch or dinner! Made with the same cultures as yoghurt as well as the addition of rennet which helps give the firmer texture.
Traditionally if made well, it would be so thick and creamy it wouldn’t fall off an upside-down spoon!

The real bonus with Skyr is it’s made from skim milk, which means it has little to no fat.
Toime: 30 minutes hands on time.
Quantity: Re-culture your Skyr twice to make up to 7.5 kg or 15 batches!

To give your cultures the best chance of success they need to be kept nice and warm overnight.
The Mad Millie Culturing Flask is the perfect sidekick to this kit and makes fermenting that much easier!

Gluten Free – No Additives – Vegetarian – Live Cultures

Kit Contains:

  • 1 L (1 US qt) Glass Jar
  • Metal Closure Lid
  • Thermometer
  • Muslin Cloth
  • Vegetarian Rennet Tablets
  • 5 x Sachets of Dairy-Free Yoghurt Culture
  • How to Guide